Live in relationship among indian society

What is live in relationship ? before criticize on this culture we should think  about our limits of social needs and also we should get out of our own built shell of society and custom. As i think whenever we start to comment and speak about this topic we start to focus on our social custom and culture and primarily we forget to think about human nature and needs .Before starting to focus on this topic we have to understand that we all come from a society where is also a law of our nature which begins since our birth and everyone born with their own needs and it takes a period of time to be a civilian but behind of this law and social well cultured person has a natural animal itself who is not ready to get ruled every time by our culture and condition who always try to breaks every rules and the next moment when subconscious mind start works it gets alert and realize the things  has done by themself and felt guilty ,as some people’s opinion about it that it can ruin our culture and custom is also a truth of our Indian society because it is ruled by our custom and tradition and this relationship has adopted by western culture where no body cares about sin and they don’t have so many complexity in their minds and they start dating with girls since their schooling which makes their parents happy because they have their own person to get closure and care for needs of affection which we like to avoid in our society among young child.Mostly young india think there is nothing bad to live in such type of relationship even i think there is really nothing more matters behind this issue if two mature people want to live in a relationship then it shouldn’t be a matter for them because they both are responsible equally whatever they are going to do but there should be a law for it because in some cases one person is not honest then definitely one is going to suffer some problems after some time. and for our society so it will take a long time to openly accept this type of relationship because we can not ignore our custom which is made by our forfathers and it took them centuries for building and following generation to generation which is quite different from western culture and custom.